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02 Getting started

Which system does Usecrypt app work on?
Usecrypt Safe app works both on macOS and Windows systems. You need to be an administrator on your computer to install the app.

How do I download Usecrypt app?
Click the button “Download the app” on the top or the bottom of the main page. Downloading will start automatically.

What is Usecrypt Safe?
Usecrypt Safe is a desktop app with a server connected to it. Usecrypt Safe encrypts all type of files, using the original encrypting technology, HVKM. By using Usecrypt Safe, you can securely store, share and send data to trusted recipients.

What is Usecrypt?
Usecrypt is a product, which enables you to encrypt data on your device and in the secured cloud. The first available tool is Usecrypt Safe, a desktop app. It is based on its original technology, HVKM. It’s a method of encrypting all types of digital data by dividing the RSA private encryption keys into two parts.

03 Security

04 Technology

Can I use my own server to store files?
Yes. Usecrypt in available in SAAS and on-premise infrastructure.

Where are the servers on which my data is stored?
The data on the server are replicated in several locations, and the integrity is constantly verified by the system, which prevents the data from physical destruction. On the other hand, if a workstation is stolen, the deactivation of your account is performed in a similar way to credit card blocking. The application helpdesk is available 24 hours a day.

Which algorithms are used in Usecrypt?
We are using well known advanced cryptographic mechanisms based on end-to-end encryption to ensure the highest level of security. All the algorithms and cryptographic protocols have certificates of specialised institutions, eg. HVKM (Hybrid Virtual Key Management) UST (Usecrypt Secure Tunnel) AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) RSA (Rivest–Shamir–Adleman) KDF (Key Derivation Function) DH (Diffie-Hellman) MAC (Message Authentication Code) KEM (Key Encapsulation)


What is Usecrypt Secure Tunnel?
Are you familiar with little padlocks that you see in your URL bar? It’s the sign of the SSL protocol and it means that your data is being sent securely. In theory. The SSL protocol has gaps, which make it vulnerable to data capture. Usecrypt uses its own communication tunnel, based on strong asymmetric and symmetric algorithms.


What is HVKM?
The HVKM author’s technology is used in the UseCrypt system. UseCrypt Safe is an application that provides local data encryption, secure data sharing and encrypted backup on an external server or client infrastructure. HVKM is the heart of the application being used for every stage of encryption, decryption and sharing of encrypted files.

How is data on Usecrypt protected?
UseCrypt encrypts data already on the workstation (the workstation must be in online mode). using the AES256 algorithm which is generated by the means of the KDF function. Decryption is performed in two steps, using the RSA keys. Then Usecrypt sends them in an encrypted version through the UST secure author’s communication channel. No one is able to decrypt them and has any access to customer data.

What is end-to-end encryption?
E2EE is a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages. Your data is always secured, whether you want to store, share or send it via Usecrypt. Only you and the people you choose have the keys to decrypt and see the files. Nothing leaves your device unencrypted – your files are always protected.

Do Usecrypt owners see my files?
None of the Usecrypt administrators have access to your files. It’s technically impossible to do it.

Is Usecrypt really secure?
We are using well known advanced cryptographic mechanisms, that ensure the highest level of security. All the algorithms and cryptographic protocols have certificates of specialised institutions. Usecrypt’s design is registered in European Union Intellectual Property Office. All data encrypted by Usecrypt is securely stored on IBM Bluemix cloud on bare metals servers. It is the first Polish company offering full secured and encrypted IT infrastructure, resistant to all so far known cryptographic methods.

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